Sound Production professional. Specialised in Sound Design, Synthesis, Music Composition and Mix & Mastering. Master of Arts Graduate (First Class Honours) in Audio Production from the University of Westminster.

a few past clients

Music production is at the core of my practice, with an emphasis on Electronic Music, Hip Hop and Pop. As a producer, finisher and remixer, I have worked for great musical talents from Panteros666, Myd, Bar9, Koos, Reeza, Kramder, King Peanuts,…

Sound Design, Synthesis, Mixing and Mastering; along with Live Sound, Composition, Songwriting, Podcast Editing and Sound Reparations, I am experienced in most Audio Production fields to the highest professional standards, and will be sure to put my proficiency to good use for your specific needs. Some of the labels featuring my work:

I am also experienced in the fields of Film and advertising, and on Sound for Animation. I can handle anything from foley recording, synthesis, signature sounds creation, sonic composition, music production, final mix and surround sound. I have worked on a Surround Sound Trailer (5.1) and on several short films. My work on films ranges from location recordings, sound operator, sound editor, music composer, sound designer, audio mixer and audio recovery expert.

I am a true Sound lover and would be happy to help you make your projects a reality, in whichever way possible. Whatever stage your project is at, send me a message and we will make it incredible together.