Sound for Film

I am trained in producing Sound for Films. I can do a variety of things on film projects, from on set Sound Operator, to Post Production sound mixing.

I have collaborated with producers on a variety of films and have been practicing all the aspects of Sound for film.

Here are a few examples of films I have worked on.

Carton – Christopher Brown.

For this short film, we had the smallest budget possible, and two days to shout and mount the movie. I have done on-set recording, editing, mixing, music composition, foley recording, and everything involving sound in this film.

Silktown – Christopher Brown

This short film had been shot already when I was contacted to help salvage the film. The sound operators had poorly recorded the film, without organising or logging the takes, without taking on set atmos tracks, etc etc. It was extremely hard to have a continuous trail of audio to match the film.
After weeks of work, a few ADR sessions, and a lot of sonic manipulations, we did a locked edit of the film. I subsequently composed the music, and produced the foley and the Sound Design of this horror spiritual film.
This is the pre-color grading version.

La Mécanique des Anges – Valentin G

Music and Mixing mainly.


I have also worked on a variety of film, in different positions: consulting, sound recordist, foley producer, mix engineer, music composer…




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