Meditation Tracks

I have composed many pieces for Meditation Apps, websites or personal uses.

I have researched different techniques of Psychoacoustics to deliver a work that sounds beyond expectations.

You can listen to a twenty minute extract of one of the tracks here:

First, the whole tuning I use is on A=432Hz, which resonates with natural architectures, and the golden number. The track will feel more organic without people knowing why, and the tuning will play this part.

I use Sonic Mantras throughout the pieces, which are slow repetitive motives that are tonally pleasing and are relaxing. It encourages feelings of safety and a state of relaxed focus.

I use drones as the backbone of the tracks. Drones are unbroken and relatively unchanging in pitch sounds. It allows for a greater introspection and for the focus to grow rather than overly noticing changes in the music (if the track has too much melody/Changing pitch information the mind tends to be brought back to reality when these changes occur).

I use sounds of nature, to bring back the organic element of life into the relaxation music. It gives a nice eerie atmosphere to the track and also helps people connect to the music and their feelings.

I have also been using Brainwave Entertainment Theories (Mainly through binaural beats; by slightly altering the pitch in the left and right channels, under the noticeability threshold). That gives the listener’s brain a point of focus on an unconscious level, and helps alter the brainwave, and inducing a state of deep relaxation. I have also been adding some isochronic sounds throughout the higher pitch drones to induce another state of relaxation through synchronization of the mind with the track.

I do not use sections/phases in the track; nor repeating segments, as I feel like sharp changes in composition lose the mind state and break the intended effect of the track. Instead, I have used some elements that come back periodically, but never with the same elements around it. As such, the track always feels new, but also feels comforting like a piece you already know after the first few minutes.

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