I have worked on a variety of Corporate content.

Jingles, Sonic Identity (signature melodies/sounds), advertisments, corporate communications etc.

I have been working under various roles, and have been able to compose, sound design, foley, mix and master commercially used content.

Below is an example of my abilities:
I have created this version for the new Samsung philosophy advertising: “Do What You Can’t”

All the sounds, music, sound effects are produced and composed by me.
I have also mixed and mastered the video to a commercial standard.

Game Audio

I have worked on several Game projects, in a variety of roles.

From Composer, to Foley Artist, to Mix and Mastering, through Sound Design, I have been lucky to participate in many indie games and develloping concepts.

While most of this work is under NDA and was work for hire (I do not own the rights and cannot talk about precise points), I can show you some of the skills I posess with the following Gameplay trailer.

I have composed the track for this Gameplay trailer, as well as sound designed, foley, atmos composition, and Mixing and Mastering for the final render.
All sounds are by me.

Meditation Tracks

I have composed many pieces for Meditation Apps, websites or personal uses.

I have researched different techniques of Psychoacoustics to deliver a work that sounds beyond expectations.

You can listen to a twenty minute extract of one of the tracks here:

First, the whole tuning I use is on A=432Hz, which resonates with natural architectures, and the golden number. The track will feel more organic without people knowing why, and the tuning will play this part.

I use Sonic Mantras throughout the pieces, which are slow repetitive motives that are tonally pleasing and are relaxing. It encourages feelings of safety and a state of relaxed focus.

I use drones as the backbone of the tracks. Drones are unbroken and relatively unchanging in pitch sounds. It allows for a greater introspection and for the focus to grow rather than overly noticing changes in the music (if the track has too much melody/Changing pitch information the mind tends to be brought back to reality when these changes occur).

I use sounds of nature, to bring back the organic element of life into the relaxation music. It gives a nice eerie atmosphere to the track and also helps people connect to the music and their feelings.

I have also been using Brainwave Entertainment Theories (Mainly through binaural beats; by slightly altering the pitch in the left and right channels, under the noticeability threshold). That gives the listener’s brain a point of focus on an unconscious level, and helps alter the brainwave, and inducing a state of deep relaxation. I have also been adding some isochronic sounds throughout the higher pitch drones to induce another state of relaxation through synchronization of the mind with the track.

I do not use sections/phases in the track; nor repeating segments, as I feel like sharp changes in composition lose the mind state and break the intended effect of the track. Instead, I have used some elements that come back periodically, but never with the same elements around it. As such, the track always feels new, but also feels comforting like a piece you already know after the first few minutes.

Backing Tracks

Recently, I have had a few client requesting the composition of backing tracks for scale practising. This is a great opportunity to entice young practitioners with exciting and compelling pieces to practise on, and you can find some examples I have composed below (they were delivered at three different tempi for the client’s needs).


If you would like to get some made for yourself, please contact me on here.


I have been giving Music Production lessons to individuals and classes aged 15-45 years old, with levels varying from very early and beginner productions, to highly skilled mastering Masterclasses.

I had the chance to teach a module for MA students in the fields of Synthesis and Electronic Productions and I currently have about 5 students that I follow weekly on one to one sessions to help them get better at producing.

Thanks to my wide experience, and my signed Bass Music project, I can help you in most genres of electronic Music, rock, and Scoring for Films, adverts or Animations. Whatever your need might be, feel free to send me a message and I will send you some relevant work I have completed.

Looking forward to working with you on developing your own sound!!

Sonic Composition for Contemporary Art Performance

I have recently been contacted to work on the sonic composition of a Contemporary Art Performance by a very talented Artist in London.

Her project was an abstract dance performance around the notion of haptic kin, geological human, and the deep unconscious fossil memory of the Earth we carry in ourselves.

The piece is 30 minutes, long and is composed of three parts, to fit the narrative of the performance.

It was performed Live at the Florence Trust opening, by me and Dance Artist Sara Ruddock, under Mayra Ganzinotti’s supervision.

Here is the sonic composition

Radio Program/Podcasts

Along my years of experience,

I have worked on the sound editing and mixing/mastering aspects of many podcasts. The audiences were radio and Internet.

I have also worked on a radio Programme pilot for a family oriented Internet radio comedy that was to be aired. I recorded, timed, sound designed, created the indents, music identity , mixed and mastered the final product for the following.

I also worked on a radio Drama program. It was a radio adaptation of an old movie called “Everything you wanted to know about sex”. For this project, I have scripted, recorded, edited, sound designed, music composition, mixed and mastered to a radio standard level.

I can process, time, edit, suppress noise, record, level, mix and master any content you need work on.

Feel free to contact me for any queries.

Art Direction

I have 5+ years of experience in Art Direction and event Management.

I have worked for four venues ranging from a human capacity of 200 to 1700. My work involved setting up musical and event identities for the venues, creating branded parties, hiring and managing art related staff, booking international and national guest artists, ensuring the smooth day to day running of activities for the venues, respecting urban ecology laws…

I have worked for venues needing very different experiences; from a International EDM and Electronic Music all-star venue, to a live local band Irish Pub.

If you need consulting or help with setting up your venue and organisation of events, contact me here.

Live Sound

I have been trained to rig and de rig, to soundcheck and to mix live sound.

Throughout my practice, I have live engineered in a variety of venues, from Nightclubs to Concert halls, with various systems and desks.

I am extremely versatile and can adapt my skills to your needs for events in any settings.

If you would like to know more, just contact me here.

Sound for Film

I am trained in producing Sound for Films. I can do a variety of things on film projects, from on set Sound Operator, to Post Production sound mixing.

I have collaborated with producers on a variety of films and have been practicing all the aspects of Sound for film.

Here are a few examples of films I have worked on.

Carton – Christopher Brown.

For this short film, we had the smallest budget possible, and two days to shout and mount the movie. I have done on-set recording, editing, mixing, music composition, foley recording, and everything involving sound in this film.

Silktown – Christopher Brown

This short film had been shot already when I was contacted to help salvage the film. The sound operators had poorly recorded the film, without organising or logging the takes, without taking on set atmos tracks, etc etc. It was extremely hard to have a continuous trail of audio to match the film.
After weeks of work, a few ADR sessions, and a lot of sonic manipulations, we did a locked edit of the film. I subsequently composed the music, and produced the foley and the Sound Design of this horror spiritual film.
This is the pre-color grading version.

La Mécanique des Anges – Valentin G

Music and Mixing mainly.


I have also worked on a variety of film, in different positions: consulting, sound recordist, foley producer, mix engineer, music composer…