About Me

Hi, my name is Benjamin Grauer, and I am a Sound Production professional. Specialised in Sound Design, Synthesis, Music Composition and Mix & Mastering, I am also a graduate of a Master of Arts degree (First Class Honours) in Audio Production from the University of Westminster.

Across the years of experience I have accumulated, I have been practicing Audio Production under an extremely wide umbrella of practices. My solo project is currently signed on the roster of a UK bass music label (I Am So High .recs), and I have had releases on German, French, American and English labels for my Electronic Music compositions. I have also composed for various artists in a broad array of genres, from Electronic Pop (Chloe Rona, Segun,…), to Rock and Metal (HapertonBury Her Memories,…).

On the Engineering segment of my expertise, I am currently the exclusive Mix and Mastering Engineer for four electronic music labels: I Am So High .recs, Home Bvss, Blaze It .recs, and Molly .recs (Example). I have also Mixed and Mastered for various clients in many music genres.

Early in my career, I have been led to perform, first as a resident DJ, and then as a signed act with my first Electronic Music band. We were performing Live sets and touring in various venues, alongside major international acts, across Europe. I have later taken on responsibilities in Live Sound, through acts that I booked when I became Art Director of a four nightclubs holding in France. Along the years of my employment, I have booked and managed Live Sound for bands from Rock and Metal (KadavarOur Theory,…) to EDM (OverwerkEtc! Etc!The Toxic AvengerGrandtheft,…).

I have also worked on Film and advertising, and on Sound for Animation after studying it in my MA. I can handle everything from foley recording, synthesis, signature sounds creation, sonic composition, music production, final mix and surround sound. I have worked on a Surround Sound Trailer (5.1) and on several short films. My work on films ranges from location recordings, sound operator, sound editor, music composer, sound designer, audio mixer and audio recovery expert.

I am a true Sound lover and would be happy to help you make your projects a reality, in whichever way possible. Even if you feel like your needs are odd and hard to pinpoint, send me a message and we will find a way to work on it together.


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